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Cruise on the Norwegian fjord

The Kingdom of Norway with respect to its geography is located in Northern Europe and shares its borders with such countries as Finland, Sweden and Russia. This beautiful and northern country is washed by three seas: the Norwegian, the Barents and the Northern.

Norwegian Fjords are the visiting card of Norway, they can even be called the symbol of the kingdom.

And yet, what is the fjords? Is it a separate country, nature reserves or architectural monuments ?!

The fjord is a creation of nature, formed as a result of the movement of the glacier more than 10 thousand years ago. From the Norwegian language Fjord means – the bay, it is crystal clear waters, paving its way through the mountain labyrinths. And on the shores of the Fjords there still remain a picturesque village settlement with its life and traditions, which the ancestors of the Vikings passed on to them.

The most famous and popular fjords are mainly located in the south-west of the kingdom, but they also include the Oslo Fjord, it is located in the south-eastern part of Norway.

Norway’s climate is pretty cool even in the summer. The warmest month in the Fjords is July, during the day the temperature rises to +18 degrees, the coldest month is January – the daytime temperature is -7 degrees. The rainy season is September and October.

For travelers, there are quite a few options to see these beautiful places: bus tours or rent a car and start your journey from the city of Bergen, which is secretly considered the gateway to the fjords and is the second largest in Norway. But the most comfortable, convenient and unforgettable way to see the northern splendor is a cruise on the Norwegian fjords. It is on the cruise that you will pass through all the famous bays and in the vicinity you will be able to see all the most famous waterfalls in the Fjords: the “Groom”, “Bride Veil”, “Stigfossen”, “Weringfossen” and “Seven Sisters” waterfalls.

Every year the cruise industry is becoming more and more popular among tourists. Due to this, cruise companies began to expand their routes and ports of visits. To date, the route through Scandinavia and the Norwegian Fjords is considered one of the most popular and interesting.

In their routes, cruise liners try to go into the most popular and interesting from the point of view of a tourist Fjords. Social surveys of their passengers are regularly conducted after the cruise where they liked the most, and where, on the contrary, they did not like it. It is through such social issues that cruise companies have removed one of the ports of call on the fjords, namely, the Oslo Fjord.

But almost every journey on the Norwegian Fjord liner includes visits to the most famous fjords – Sognefjord and Geiranger Fjord.

Fjord Sognefjord
It is considered the second longest in the world, but in its native Norway it is the longest fjord. Not surprisingly, the huge liners chose this particular fjord to visit, because there is where to “turn around.” While passing only through the bay among the majestic mountains, the liner passengers enjoy beautiful and breathtaking views of the mountains, green meadows and old churches. But more attractions Sognefjord will provide its guests on land.

The picturesque villages of Flåm, Fjорrland, Balestrand, Lerdal and Skjölden are located on the banks of the Stognefjord. On the territory of the Stognefjord is located the largest glacier of mainland Europe – Jostedalsbreen.

Visiting this fjord you can go on an excursion to the glacier museum, as well as the Nigardsbreen park. In the settlement of Lerdal, you can go to the salmon center in Norway. The center conducts interesting excursions, where you can learn everything about this fish, as well as see how they are bred in captivity.

Not far from Stognefjord is the town of Voss – the center of extreme tourism of the Kingdom. City visitors and locals can experience themselves in rafting,

fly a hang glider and a seaplane.

Geiranger Fjord
The most beautiful fjord in the world, its length is 15 km, it is located in the north-west of Norway. Geiranger Fjord is famous for its waterfalls: “groom”, “bride’s veil” and “seven sisters”. Each waterfall has its own romantic and incredible history. All these waterfalls can be seen passing through the bay on a cruise ship, a sight to remember. On land, you can admire all the beauties of the Fjord from observation platforms.

According to the legends, fairytale creatures trolls still live in Geiranger Fjord and even the road is named after them – Trollstigen (translated from the Norwegian “road of trolls”). The roads in this area are known for their extreme, they are almost at the edges of the abyss and very tortuous.

In the Jostedalsbrin National Park, you will have views of the glaciers in a very close distance from you. In addition to walks and excursions, guests of the city can go fishing, go horse riding, rafting and summer skiing.

If you ask what the Fjord is ?! You can get a lot of scientific explanations and facts about their formation … But first of all, the Fjords of Norway are breathtaking landscapes and views. The fjord is a game of colors that nature itself has created.

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