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Painting the sights and wanting to emphasize all the delights of rest, the object is often compared to paradise (“this is just a heavenly place”, “you’ll be there like in paradise”, “this is heaven on earth”, etc.). This is a favorite saying tour operators. The name of the city of Los Angeles, with its own sound, gives reason to think of it as an angelic reserve, who, playing on the harps, rush in the heavens, pouring grace on the residents and tourists.

LA was opened on September 4, 1781. spanish travelers. Its original name was El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora la Reina de los Angeles sobre El Rio Porciuncula. As a result, only a small part of the entire bulky construction has taken root. To get acquainted with the city and see all the most interesting places, you should use the services of a Russian-speaking guide.

The city, contrary to all imaginable laws, does not sleep day or night, fulfilling its main purpose: to entertain, entertain, entertain! The place is ideal for party-type tourists. What sights preference in the first place?

1. Walk of Fame.
Its worth a visit. Images of stars with the names of famous actors for someone may be the most magical impetus leading to success. Many famous actors began their journey with very undistinguished professions, but thanks to perseverance, work and faith in themselves were at the height of fame. By the way, these stars are always ready for a photo shoot, they are not capricious and very nice.

2. Disneyland.
It is recommended for tourists of all stripes, ages and religions. It is 650,000 sq. M. meters of happiness, joy, fun.

3. Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.
This place can be described as “shopping for a million in the quarter” life is good. “Shops with well-known brands, people who carry the annual budget of a small African country, often recognize recognizable faces. In general, if life is good, then go shopping – here.

4. Griffith Observatory.
Located on the southern slope of Mount Hollywood, here is the planetarium. From this place there is a view of the most famous inscription in the world – HOLLYWOOD. Touch giant letters can be, but only in a dream or as a result of skilful installation, because the passage to them is closed. And rightly so – if the dream comes true, how to live without a dream?

5. Universal Studios.
Located not far from the sights of point 4. She is one of the oldest film studios in the world. To date, this is the current film set with film decorations, and an amusement park. The only place in the world where in one day you can see the flood with your own eyes, feel the earthquake, visit the future, soar above the ground, feel yourself in the skin of Shrek. And this is true! And who does not believe, let him check himself!

6. Madame Tussauds.
Here, the main thing is to keep calm, calm and once again calm. Although the figures are made of wax, but they are so realistic that at some point it starts to seem as if the whole community is smiling sweetly and winking. A little bit more and Bruce Willis will run once again to save the world.

7. Chinatown – a small piece of the Middle Kingdom.
At some point, you can doubt your geographic location. Real Chinese food, Chinese houses, souvenirs, the Chinese themselves in an incredible amount. It’s amazing how these hardworking little people, starting with fakes of famous brands, have reached the scale of the country! Even one of the downtown areas in America is already also “Made In China.”

8. Zoo.
What could be a zoo in the city of angels? Of course, heavenly! Spread over an area of ​​approximately 46 hectares, it provided comfortable conditions for more than 1000 animals and birds from all over the world. On the territory of the zoo is located and the botanical garden. Thousands of tourists a day have the opportunity to admire and admire our smaller brothers. But, whether the latter are tired of everyday flashes of photo and video cameras, or for other reasons, but the wards of the zoo periodically make shoots. Whoever did not run from there: kangaroos, monkeys, zebras, she-wolf. According to the calculations of the American group of journalists, for five years, the shoots were carried out about 35 times! It turns out that “Madagascar” is based on real events.

9. Fishermen’s village in Marina del Rey.
After a tumultuous and slightly crazy adventure, finally, you can visit the Fishermen’s Village, one of the romantic places. The place is furnished in the style of an old English village. In the local harbor at the same time there may be several thousand ships, all kinds of colors, sizes, ports of registration. During the evening stroll along the coastline, passing by the lighthouse and admiring the coming sunset, suddenly the heart is caught from incredible tenderness. And, throwing a coin into the waters of the Pacific, so desperately want to come back here.

This is just a small list of what can and should be seen in Los Angeles, rather plan your trip here, and professional guides will do everything possible to make you want to return here.

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