We fly in the UAE!
The UAE is one of the most attractive countries for tourists from all over the world! Growing up over 45 years from the lifeless desert and becoming one of the…

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We fly in the UAE!

The UAE is one of the most attractive countries for tourists from all over the world! Growing up over 45 years from the lifeless desert and becoming one of the most developed state formations. In fact, the hot, lifeless sands still occupy 80 percent of the territory of the Emirates, in fact, almost all of them are desert! All the more surprising: how, in such natural conditions, people were able to create this miracle !? Amazing and luxurious, high-tech state, the only and unique in so many parameters country of records and all of Himself – with the highest buildings in the world, artificial islands, tennis courts soaring in the sky, fabulous hotels … Oil, luxury, glass, concrete and technology, the neighborhood of urbanism and ancient architecture, camels and Lamborghini’s latest models … This miracle is only 5 hours away from us, and a visa to the UAE is issued quite easily and in a matter of days. Ready to travel with us? Travel company Deluxe Voyage invites you to the UAE!

The UAE is a federation consisting of 7 emirates: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain and Ajman. Each of them is unique and interesting in its own way, in each of the emirates its own local laws apply. But at the same time, the Emirates is united by a common goal and, of course, by fate, and uniform laws of a federal state also “work” throughout the UAE.

tours in the UAE

1. Sunny and warm climate. The beach season in the UAE will succeed with a 100 percent chance! In the summer in the UAE, of course, it burns harder, and the water becomes a real fresh milk, but in the summer there are many other alternatives! But in the season, when it becomes more and more gray and rainy in their native lands (autumn and winter), sunny and so close UAEs turn into an ideal vacation spot!

2. You can fly to the Emirates for a few days or a week or two. In either case, your vacation will be complete! The concentration of interesting objects and activities in this country is so high that even in 3 days you can feel a storm of emotions, make cool shopping and shoot unforgettable shots! You are free to decide how much time is available for the UAE. In our opinion, the optimal time for travel is a week. By the way, it was during this period of rest that our best last-minute tours in the UAE were formed!

3. In the UAE, the world’s largest duty-free! If you are a fan of duty-free shopping, in Dubai “Duty” the choice will not disappoint, it is 100%. Already “from the doorstep”, the Emirates are well received by shopping lovers. Further more! UAE – Mecca for a shopaholic. Huge malls, shopping centers and bazaars, the number of which is just a head spin! In the UAE, you can really buy everything your heart desires, and what she had no idea about. No fakes and profitable, especially during discounts and festivals.

4. The level of service, service and quality of hotels in the Emirates will meet and exceed all your expectations! Here are concentrated the world’s best hotels of famous chains, fashionable and luxury class, comfortable urban … – hotel and entertainment complexes for every taste. This combination of comfort, technology and service impresses from the first hours of being in the UAE.

Ferrari Park in the UAE

5. Attractiveness of the UAE for children. Children here will be particularly interesting, and adults will not be far behind. There are an incredible array of entertainment venues and events, the largest and most modern water parks, zoos and entertainment centers, such as Ferrari Ferrari World, Wild Wadi Waterpark water park in Jumeirah, the recently opened Worlds of Adventure Dubai Aqua Park floating water park in Dubai and many, many other objects that will be commissioned soon .. And the UAE will delight kids and adults with a huge selection of famous oriental sweets and desserts.

6. In the UAE, in particular, in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, a large number of attractions are concentrated – both modern and ancient. Those that you will not see anywhere else. Artificial islands, the highest building of the world Burj Khalifa … What are, for example, the Al Bahar towers in Abu Dhabi, covered with “smart skin”, which regulates the flow of heat and light into the interior, depending on the weather. UAE = the future has come! Impressions from what he saw will be many. Even tourists with extensive travel experience discover many new things here. The UAE is also amazed by the abundance of innovative projects, the scale of the shows and festivals, tournaments, regattas, fairs and exhibitions.

7. It is in the UAE that you can fully appreciate the mixture of eastern and western colors. Assess the subtlety and elegance of the Arab culture and how it is, rather conservative and traditional in essence, adapted to the demands of the modern world (and even more – has overtaken in many respects the rest of the modern world). In this case, you note that the UAE – one of the safest countries. There are practically no thefts, crime as such.

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